Misty by I Just Love My Pet / The girl who loves you.

You came into my life at an early age,
but I know you went to heaven’s gate.
You touched my heart as well as my soul,
The endless amount I loved you will never be known.

You had the kindest eyes and the purist heart.
You seemed so shy but I know you were smart.
You came to me on my 10th birthday,
And that is the day my life changed.
I wanted to spent eternity with you.

My life without you is so sad and blue.
Please remember me wherever you are.
You being taken from me has left a scar.
This scar will last forever.
My pain will never leave me.

I pray for one thing for you to rest in peace.
I won’t forget you my kind child,
Thinking of our happiness makes me smile.
But then I remember my sadness and frown.

I feel like screaming and falling to the ground.
I’m so sorry for when I was mad at you,
Although I can’t remember I’m sorry if I hurt you.
I love more than anyone could ever know,
I hope in paradise lives your soul.

I could go on forever coming up with more lines.
The only thing that stops me is the time.

I love you Misty.
Please don’t forget me.
Now that I feel the tears in my eyes,
I must go and grieve and cry.
I love you. I love you. I love you.

Someday it will once more be me and you.
Take care my love.
Watch over me from above.
I believe you saved me Misty.
No, I know you saved me.
In your own special way,
With your care and love for everyday.

Please wait for me.
It won’t be long.
You’re a flower; you’re a song,
The most beautiful creature that’s come along.
Our time together was short,
But you will live in my heart forever more.
I only have one more thing I must tell you,
And that is,
Misty I love you.


With endless Love,
I Just Love My Pet