Mitzie by Janie / Mama

8 years ago, a friend of mine gave me this sad little 3 year old Yorkie. Her owner said she went or he did. She gave her to my friend and she gave her to me. From the moment I saw her, I knew she was special. She had such intelligent eyes. She was frightened because life as she knew it had changed…..for the better.

Mitzie and I bonded immediately. She was with me through some really bad times. I loved her so much. It seems like she was always with me, even sleeping in my arms like a teddy bear at night. She was a very quiet Yorkie, never barked and she was super smart. God let me have her for 8 years and she died at age 11 of heart failure. It all happened very fast and I didn’t have anyone with me at the vets when they said she had to be put to sleep. She looked me in the eyes with such
a look of love and quietly passed away.

My heart broke right there on the spot and I cried so hard, I was almost hysterical. I did not have a compassionate vet. She left me all alone with my now dead beautiful little dog. When she came back, she took Mitzie’s body from me and laid her on the table. Then, she took my arm and led me out of the room. I looked over my shoulder just to see her one last time and the vet stepped into my line of vision. She told me,”Your dog is dead. THE DOG IS DEAD. Now, it’s time for you to go”. It was like she shot me right through the heart. I will never forgive her for denying me one last look at my precious baby. That was 6 months ago. I don’t cry as often as I did but I can’t seem to get rid of this terrible sadness.

I miss her so much, it hurts. Everyone says I have changed but I don’t bring my dog up. I get,”Geez, you are still upset over HER?” They could not possibly understand how I feel so I never bring her up. But, every night, when I go to bed, I lay silently with tears running down my cheeks quietly so my husband can’t hear me. He thinks I should be
over it by now.

I am getting counseling but sometimes I remember my sweet little baby and my heart breaks all over again. I just feel her loss so deeply. Everyone just loved her. You couldn’t NOT love her. And I will always miss her with all of my heart.


I miss you, Mitzie,