Moka Victoria by Rick and Lesley Schaffer / Mom, Dad, Mackie, Dakota, Scout, Smokee & Tahoe

Our brave, little Mokie was laid to rest on 1/10 as we did not want her to suffer anymore. Of the six dogs that Rick and I have been blessed with in our 26-1/2 years of marriage, Moka was the only pure-bred that we bought from a breeder. Incredibly she spent 11 months when we first brought her home as a puppy with our very first dog, Nikkie, adopted from the Houston SPCA in 1979. We know that Nikkie had those last few months of life thanks to a spunky, lovable Lhasa Apso named Moka Victoria – Moka for her sweet, coffee coloring and Victoria where we had just returned from on vacation in Canada before picking her up.

At six months of age she won in her breed at a dog show but we quickly determined that was not the life we wanted for her. She was always protective of our cats and us. When Tahoe, our tabby that had 2 kittens in the forest decided she wanted to move in with the Schaffers it was Moka that built an imaginary, protective barrier around her and said “back off” to the big, boy dogs in the cabin.

She loved to ride in the car with her little face out the window and just last week she crawled off her pillow while riding with Rick over his lap for a last breath of fresh air out the window. She ate right up to the last day and still came into my bathroom alone with me for her little piece of doggie treat while I showered.

Our hearts ache already with her absence and we know she has carved out a special part of our hearts that only she will occupy forever increasing its capacity to love the others that will remain and someday follow her.


God bless you Moka...we love you.
Moka Victoria
10, Jan 2006
Rick and Lesley Schaffer