Molly by Dad, Mom & Jackie / Dad, Mom & Jackie

Molly came home with us when she was just under 6 weeks old. She was the shyest and smallest puppy of the liter. She loved being held, she would cuddle on us, falling asleep. When she wasn’t laying on us, she would find a stuffed animal that she could climb on, and fall asleep. Molly would climb layers of blankets and comforters to reach the pillows of our bed, snuggling up, and disappearing in the blankets.

She had such a personality that we thought she didn’t know she was a dog. When she would get hurt, someone stepping on her paw or her tail she would come running to Mommy positioning herself to show what part hurt. I would have to rub it until her tail would start to wag. When her “grammy and pa” came over, she acted like a another granddaughter. She waited for her “cookie” and then would want
their attention to focus on her.

Her love for stuffed animals grew. She turned all the stuffed animals into her babies, nursing and cuddling them. A basket full of stuffed animals to choose from, she would dig through them all to find the “right one”. Some of her “babies” she had for all of her life. When nighttime would come, and it was time for bed. I would tell her I was going to bed and she would get up, and follow. She would get up when Daddy would be coming to bed, going to her basket, picking up her big stuffed bone, or her big Doberman stuffed animal. Only a few times in her life did she not feel well enough to come to bed without one of her babies. She knew her daddy wouldn’t let her fall asleep without one of them, even if he had to get up to find the one she would take under her paw.

She loved to play the game of hiding. Every day when daddy would come home from work, she would follow him into the bedroom, and lift up the skirt off the bed hiding her face, waiting for him to talk to her. If we had a blanket and covered her with it, it was time to play her game of hiding, and trying to get that thing that kept touching her. I don’t think she ever knew that it was our hands, and not something that was a chew toy for her to try and attack.

She never grew out of wanting to lay on us. As big as she was, we don’t think she knew she wasn’t this tiny puppy anymore. She would still get on our laps and make do with whatever part of us she could fit on.

There were only a few things that Molly did not like. She did not like being wet. If it were raining out, she would hurry to do her business, and then come running in the house, sitting in the kitchen, waiting to be dried off. She didn’t like being left alone. If we left for a day or two, she would be sad and sometimes wouldn’t eat even if her grammy and pa came over. She hated thunderstorms. We were very thankful for those “little happy pills” that would help her stop shaking.

In February of 2003, Molly was diagnosed with diabetes. With insulin injections, and a huge change in food, (no more special treats) she was able to continue to be her happy self.

She didn’t like the vet visits. That was an ordeal in itself. She did form a special bond with Erica who worked at the Vet. Molly always knew that after she would get her blood drawn, Erica would be coming with a special cookie and kind words. The cookie that was sometimes filled with the goodies she shouldn’t have but she didn’t care. She was a regular at the vet, and we couldn’t have asked for a better place. They were not only the best for her but wonderful to our family as well.

In December, Molly started showing signs that other things were going on. After an ultrasound at the beginning of 2005, we found out that Molly had cancer in her bladder. Being almost 12 years old, we didn’t want Molly to be hurting or uncomfortable, and knowing that there was little we could do for her, we made the decision to let her go where we knew she would once again be a healthy baby girl. Making such a decision was devastating to our family. Saying good-bye to our baby girl—there were no words to describe that feeling.

Molly will forever be close to our hearts! She was our princess, and our baby girl, a sister, a granddaughter and a best friend! She filled our lives with much more than we could have asked for and we are so thankful for the time she gave us and, we will forever cherish that! May the bed she sleep in above be filled with all her babies, chocolate, and french fries.


Forever In Our Hearts,
Dad, Mom & Jackie