Moon by Janine Elske / Mama

Moony arrived to me in a basket, six months old, freshly rescued from a petrol station, staring up at me with big green eyes. She looked about as little impressed to see me as I was to see her.. you see I had just lost another dear little friend called Jubilee, who was a young cat and was sadly knocked down by a car. I swore I didn’t want another pet, it’s so hard to lose them. My boyfriend at the time decided to ignore my wishes and “surprised” me by presenting me with this basket. Well I have to say, it took me about three seconds of staring into those green eyes and toffee nose and I was smitten.

My personality and her cat-a-nality were like two peas in a pod. Moony followed me everywhere, and well when it was time for food she was my biggest fan, with that little purring prowl when the excitement got too much, it was the sweetest thing to watch her come running,
just pure joy.

But there is more than just the happy, fun moments.. and there are so many cherished memories. Moony was there for every broken heart, every lonely night, every stroll in the garden, every cuddle, every rant, every headache, every move, every Sunday roast, every birthday, every moment of joy, every tear.. except these last ones. I have lost a friend.

She has given me unconditional love throughout these years, loyally waiting, watching silently as I plunder down every wrong road, and revel in every success of my life. Always there at the end of the day, but now resting peacefully in my heart. I love you my angel.

Thank you all my family and “fur-maly”who miss her along with me, especially Dad, she snuck into our hearts and her loss is deeply felt.


Goodbye my Angel, till we meet again,
Janine Elske