Mr. Lucky by Brenda Marshall / Mommy

After giving birth to a stillborn child at 6 months in the pregnancy I knew I needed comforting. I drove 3 hours from the hospital to find myself a pet. Mr. Lucky was one of eight black cocker spaniels. When I tossed a toy in the crowd he snatched it from his brothers and sisters. I knew he was the child for me. I brought him home, raised him in a bassinet and spent the next six weeks treating him as my newborn baby. From the onset he had a very unusual personality. He talked to me my first night home. He carried that first toy until he lost it in the street drain. These characterizes followed him for life. He never went anywhere without a toy. He talked to anyone that would listen and he was the most flexible person I know.

In the nine years he was in my life he brought me nothing but joy. He was flexible, understandable, protective, caring and so much fun. When my daughter was born he understood my love would be divided. He never asked for much during the day, once she is in the bed, he demanded his time. Mr. Lucky I thank you for all the years of understanding and peace you brought me.


With all my love and thanks,
Mr. Lucky
Brenda Marshall