We picked him up when he was just 8 weeks old

The two-hour trip home was a story we often told.

For traveling by car was something he had seldom done

And his throwing up several times was just not any fun.


We named him Murphy after a good man we knew

And each day that passed our love for him just grew.

An “outside dog” was what I said he would be;

Others just smiled to themselves “just wait and see.”


He slept on the back porch just outside the family den.

Often when you glanced outside you’d see him looking in.

At first in the house he was allowed only on his rug

But a toehold had been gained and deeper he soon dug.


Then into the family room he soon was allowed.

We mildly protested but to his wishes we bowed.

Then it was the kitchen the dining room and the upstairs too.

Housebreaking wasn’t easy but accidents were only a few.


The master bedroom was the final room that he found

When let in of a morning right onto the bed he’d bound.

Getting dressed with him around was always a chore

“Murphy leave that alone,” was said once twice even more.


Puppy classes at PetsMart was a fun thing to do.

And while going Murphy even learned a basic trick or two.

Some days he would act like he didn’t know Jack

But he may have acted that way just to keep going back.


For on Graduation Day Murphy got it all just right.

And from the treats in my pocket he got to take a big bite.

He also loved taking trips over to see his Granddad.

No matter what he did Galen never thought he was bad.


Helping Dad in the yard was one of Murphy’s true loves.

He loved to run and hide with one of Dad’s work gloves.

When Mom ran the vacuum Murphy would jump and bark

And he wouldn’t be quiet until in the closet it was parked.


He would head to the kitchen when Mom started to cook.

And whenever Dad ate morsels of food he gladly took.

If you didn’t feed him Murphy would stare and pout.

You just couldn’t resist feeding that lovable brown snout.


When you came home at night he would act so glad to see you

That no matter how bad the day was you just couldn’t stay blue.

His whole body would wag from his nose to his tail;

It would bring a smile to your face absolutely without fail.


He would sometimes run through the house like a wild maniac

Some things got knocked off but at least they rarely cracked.

He’d jump on the couch while running full blast

Oh what memories we have of dog days gone past.