MY BEAUTIFUL BOYS by Rachel Frisby / Lots of love your friend Rachel xxxxx

Oh my darlings you know its true
I love you I love you
Everyday was so beautiful
Because of you because of you
Everyday you’d sleep and play steal my things and run away
Everyday you’d kiss my face and I’d hold you in my embrace
Alone in the darkest times that was me but you got me through and set me free
Now that you’ve gone my heart it bleeds can’t move on as it’s you I need
I know you told me new life and to move on I must I will try because in you I trust
Can’t wait to see your faces again my gorgeous little friends
When it’s my time I’ll fly like a midge and meet you at the rainbow bridge
You know it’s true
You know it’s true.
Love lasts forever me and you ….

Until we meet again keep out of trouble at the bridge my mischevious ones!


Thanks for everything will love you forever.
Rachel Frisby