Niki by Jennifer Bosworth / Your sister Jennifer

One day I was at my dads and all my cousins were over and across the street was a kitten for free and my dad stopped and it was the last one. We had so many good times and together. One day my Uncle Carl went dove hunting and Niki went with him and he only caught one dove that day and he turned around for 1 min and when he turned back around the dove was gone. We all knew it was niki because he had feathers all over his mouth. We were all laughing.

Another day was when we were getting ready to go to the river and Niki was missing for a couple of days and the day we were getting ready to leave Niki comes up to the porch he almost lost a leg because it was all scratch up and stupp my dad was really mad so we took him to the vet and they fixed him and it cost about $300 and when we came back he was missing for a week now and he never came back.

I think he got eaten by a coyote but where ever he is he watches me. Where ever I go I hope he is having fun in animal heaven..

I love you and you will always be in my mind!


Much love,
Jennifer Bosworth