Nina by Celestino Acevedo, Jr. / Papa

Thank you my beloved Nina for your 9 years-10 months and 11 days of companionship, unconditional and endless love you’ve given me.

You were born and were loved in our home and were taken away from us at our home due to cancer-I love you, Nina, and miss you, my little girl, my baby and Pride and Joy.

My heart is still broken and I can’t help myself from crying whenever I see your pictures and look at the area in the Living Room when you went to sleep and never woke-up.

Every time I visit your grave-site, I talk to you and I say a prayer for you. Your mother, Sable, looks for you and misses you.

When it comes to my time, I know that you will be waiting from me at The Rainbow Bridge. I will bring you cookies and toys and we will be together again but this time forever.


I Love You, Nina, R.I.P.
Celestino Acevedo, Jr.