Oliver by Cindy /
Mom and Dad

I remember when we first saw you. We rescued you from a horrible life. There was an ad in the paper that said “free llasa apso to good home.” We went to your house and there you were hiding in the corner with a pit bull roaming the house. You were so thin and your fur was so dry and dirty. There was no food or water for you. The family seemed to take care of the pit bull and not you.

The family said, “here’s the dog,” and showed us you. I picked you up, said “thank you” to the family and walked out the door as fast as I could to the car. You looked at me and said “thank you” a thousand times over.

We got you home and oh boy, you did smell. So we gave you a bath, brushed you and fed you. Somehow you knew that you had a real home now. You were our companion for eight years and then you got really sick.

The vet said you had many stones in the urinary tract and it was due to what that family fed or didn’t feed you in your life. My heart ached, and I cried and cried. He said he could do a surgery but there were no guarantees.

So I consented for you to have the operation. It was a long operation and a painful but good recovery. You seemed to feel so much better. It took a month before you were back to yourself. You felt so good for the next couple years and then your digestive system failed.

I talked to my vet and he said when that happens it is just a matter of time. Oh my sweet Oliver, I knew it was your time. We made the decision to put you to sleep the next morning. I stayed up with you all night, held you, talked to you and just let you know that I loved you. You looked at me as if to say, “I know you love me and I love you, it’s okay. I will see you again.”

What a horrible night and morning to come. I left you at the vet because I couldn’t bear to look into your eyes and say goodbye. Oh Oliver, to this day I am so sorry I was not there with you. You had to die without your family, even though my vet was wonderful to you. Please forgive me for that. But the pain was so much more than I could endure.

After you were gone, I ached and ached and cried for you. I missed you so much. But the good part was your spirit was always with me and I would feel you brush against my leg or wake up and see you looking at me.

Oliver, it has been seven years since your passing and not a day goes by I don’t think about you or pray that you are happy. I know that you sent a loving 2 year old English Cocker Spaniel to me named Libby. She is a joy and I thank you for her.

No dog will ever replace you or your memory. I will see you someday my “little buddy” (remember I used to call you that) at the bridge.


Until then - I love you!!!!!
Hugs and Kisses