Ollie by Kara

Ollie was my choice for a graduation gift from college.
He was my first puppy and was the ultimate gift I could ever receive.
He played numerous roles in my life from being a companion
and best friend during the lonely times to helping me pick out
his “dad” and just recently seeing us get married.
Although I only had him for a couple of years Ollie and
I had an irreplaceable bond.

My husband and I were going to be traveling in the car and
decided to take Ollie with us since he had been left alone all day.
(He was my travel buddy always waiting to go “bye-bye”.)
Ollie wanted to stick his head out the window and enjoy the
fresh air (as he loved to do) so my husband put the window
down just enough so he could feel the breeze.
We were suddenly hit my an oncoming car and I believe Ollie
was thrown out of the window when the airbag went off.
He miraculously survived the accident yet was so frightened that
he ran and was struck by a car that didn’t see him.

Ollie was my life he was the one thing that made me constantly smile.
I know that he is in heaven and living his life peacefully doing
all of the things he enjoyed doing with me.
Each night I would give him a kiss goodnight and tell him
how much I loved him.

I have to believe that he still feels my kisses
and knows that he is missed terribly.