Paco by Beverly / Mama, Daddy, Akasha, Weeko, and Jezebella

Paco was a Christmas gift from my boyfriend, shortly after my dog Lil’ Bit died. Paco was just what I needed, and the best gift
I had ever been given.

His best friend, Akasha, is still with us. She misses her friend, and still looks in the couch cushions for him. It’s hard enough not to have him, but to see her not understanding, makes it worse.

Our newest family member, Weeko, loved to chew on Paco’s ears and he would just lay there and take it!

Our cat Jezebella always groomed Paco, and he had no objections. They were funny together.

Paco loved to play, and was always on our heels no matter what we were doing. He also loved to “load up” in the truck with his Daddy. Paco loved everybody, and was the most loving creature I have ever known. Even when he was in trouble, he still had kisses for me.

I will always love that baby boy!


Missing you Paco Man,