Pamuk by Tülay & Ibrahim / Your Mommy & Daddy

We got our sweet and very special baby Pamuk in August 1996; she was waiting for us impatiently in her cage together with her sister in a pet shop.

It was the biggest time of our life, hard to put those feelings into words now but we try, so our eyes crossed each other in the pet shop and that was the moment she started giving us her unconditional love and later we shared every single moment of our life with her. She thought and shared with us so many unapproachable feelings…her dignity, talk, look, leadership, love, friendship enriched our life so much….Yes, our baby PAMUK, the meaning of our life was the happiest one till she got that monster called VAS that was the time when the black clouds blackened our baby’s life and ours. She straggled very hard together with us every time we kiss and hug her she felt how much we loved her and how much we got ruined by having this trouble, so what she did was a tremendous effort to get herself free from that disease.
We are always proud of her….


You are our everything, with love
Tülay & Ibrahim