June 10 1990 —– July 9 2000

Calico Cat

Patches has been with our family for 10 yrs .

She was a very petite Cat with a quite meow

but she always stood her ground with two dogs in our house.

Some nights my family would sit down

and have our dinner and she loved chicken so she always got some.

Patches would always thank me by bringing

me home mice that she was so proud of. She would bring them

always to my window about 2:00 in the morning .

Then she would wake me up with a loud meow .

She was always an out door cat in the summer but this summer

she was missing for a few days and she came back home.

She had been hit by a car and she was very hurt.

I took her to the Alder Brook vet and they had to put her to sleep.

The Veterinarian there was very nice .

About a month went by and I got a letter from Washington State University and

my Veterinarian had made a generous contrubution

in Patches name at the University of Washington State Veterinary Medicine.

In Patches name she still lives Patches would be so proud.

I love you Patches and I will miss you.

Until we meet again .

Your Mom,