Patches by Brenda McClure / Mommy

My wonderful friend was given to me when I was still in high school many years ago and she has been through everything with me. I lived alone for years and sometimes I think that if I didn’t have her how lonely I would have been. She was my companion and long time friend.

I had won a stuffed blue whale out of a crane machine game and for some reason she loved it and until this day I still have it even though it is in shreds almost! She past away due to a severe infection that she was just too old to overcome and I had to make the hard decision of putting her to rest. I know that she is in a better place
but I miss her more than anything.

I could always count on her to be there when I would awake in the morning and go to sleep. She was my very first baby and will always be apart of me. I will always cherish the great times that we had together on earth. May she rest in peace…


With all my love,
Brenda McClure