Peaches by Ryan Breau / Ryan Breau

❤&& I Miss You So Much*❤

❤Just Because you’re not here today,❤
❤I sit and wonder why,❤
❤you were taken from us that fateful day,❤
❤why Jesus made us cry,❤

❤but as I sit and wonder how this came to be,❤
❤I sit here and remember, how you came to me,❤
❤I remember when I first met you,❤
❤you were cute as a button,❤
❤I remember your face as I sit and wonder what if?❤

❤You are gone,❤
❤you’re not coming back?❤
❤I think now of the respect that I lacked,❤
❤but we loved each other,❤
❤We worked in harmony,❤
❤I hope that one day soon,❤
❤we’ll be back together and we will live happily.❤

❤But I hate thinking of how you were taken away,❤
❤didn’t they hear the screams,❤
❤and who exactly were “they”?❤
❤Because of them I don’t have you to comfort me.❤

❤Its people that are heartless,❤
❤who can’t own up to things like that,❤
❤they go right on and over you, as if you were a doormat.❤

❤Why is it like this?❤
❤Why is life unfair?❤
❤Why would God take you away from me?❤
❤Does “he” even care?❤

❤I don’t have you here anymore,❤
❤but you can still always lend an ear,❤
❤because whatever I have to say to you, you will be right here.❤
❤You really never left us,❤
❤You, are really never gone,❤
❤because in our hearts you will belong,❤
❤even after we have moved on.❤

❤It is said that it takes someone special to capture your heart,❤
❤but now that you have been taken from me,❤
❤my world has fallen apart.❤
❤The people that are most important are the ones that we love most,❤
❤The ones that are there for us,❤
❤when we need them the most.❤

❤People like great aunt Jane, or maybe grandpa Phil.❤
❤People we would die for,❤
❤People that you cant believe someone could have killed.❤

❤It is only once in a lifetime when we get to connect our hearts,❤
❤Only once in a lifetime, but we’re never far apart,❤
❤for you have left an imprint, and forever there it will stay,❤
❤and hopefully we will meet again and we will be okay.❤

❤I miss you so much,❤
❤And I cry for you,❤
❤so I catch my tears,❤
❤But I know it wont be too ling until you will be here.❤

❤We will be together again ready to embrace life,❤
❤we will live on, and everything will be alright.❤
❤All we have to do, is pray and wish real hard,❤
❤oh I cant wait for it,❤
❤you’re the best friend I’ll always have deep within my heart❤


❤Dedicated To Peaches❤
30, Oct 2003
Ryan Breau