Pebbles by Dan



A Tribute to Pebbles

It happened on a Winter day,

God chose to send a dog our way.

A skinny little brown-eyed stray,

A hungry beggar day after day.


Brought her home one Saturday,

She had a brother right away.

Danny and Peb forever friends,

In the yard for hours they'd play.


"Look at those paws know what they say?

She'll be a great big dog some day."

Loving and gentle from the start,

Who'd know she'd come to own our hearts?


Pup on the beach; a chilly March day,

Flock of mallards down the way.

Diving over driftwood log,

Into the foam went swimming dog.


New teeth! Like any baby pet,

She'd chew the kitchen cabinets.

The diggin'est dog we knew that soon,

Our yard'd resemble the face of the Moon.


Through the years her greatest joy,

Was playing with her growing boys.

Toddler Stephen learning to speak,

Referred to her as "Huckaby."


As a Retriever Peb earned her name;

Playing fetch was her best game.

Bursting from the briars thick,

She always came back with her stick.

A wagging tail a coat of tan;

Peb loved walking with her man.

Wouldn't win a dog show but;

We loved our gentle brown-eyed mutt.


With deep loud bark she would project,

An able willingness to protect.

Some long nights Mom left alone,

With Pebbles there to guard her home.


Time always passes and it did;

And Pebbles grew up with our kids.

As they grew older Peb grew old.

She might make fourteen we were told.


Gone were the days of bouncing hound;

Mornings were hardest we had found.

Shivering in the chilly air,

Peb would just look up and stare.


Her joints were stiff her eyes grew dim;

We knew she must soon hear from Him.

"I must be ready" I would say.

But could I ever face that day?


Came the night for our good-byes;

Daddy kissed her turned and cried.

Danny kissed her held her so;

He refused to let her go.


Brought her ashes home to stay.

Hope to meet again some day.

Where puppies run along the shore,

She'll stay with us forevermore.

Copyright 2000

Dan Shine