Penelope by Ashley Williams / Your Guardian Angel

My Penelope…

I remember the first day I brought you home and I thought you would die of a heart attack along the way. But you shrived through like my little trooper. Everyone was so fascinated with you, especially the way you ate, like a pig, snorting and all. I loved the way your eyes looked up at me with an inner yearning to be loved and the innocence of an angel always shining through. Your constant scurrying through your cage made me laugh many times, along with your “new owner” jitters. I will miss the times I frantically searched for you in the backyard, fearing the worst, but finding that you were just hiding behind our big, green plant, relaxing in the shade. Not to mention, on Mother’s Day when relatives saw you for the first time, thinking you were the most fascinating thing on Earth.

I will always remember our first County Fair breeding show and how you didn’t win, but I still loved you. But, I will always remember the day when you suddenly lost your ability to walk normal, always falling to one side everytime you stood up. And when we we brought you home from the vet a couple hours later and started having spasms where you seemed to drift in and out of sleep. I started to weep, knowing that this was your end and it was time for you to be put to sleep. I will always remember my final I love you and goodbye and me crying over your cage. I plain lost it when I carried you for the last time and instead of fighting like you always do, you just lay there on my shoulder, giving up slowly, your warmth so comforting.

Finally, I will always remember when my dad took you to the vet to be euthanized while I stayed home, crying. I will always love you my little trooper, my little rebel, my Penelope. And remember, just like this song, you light up my life even though your cage is empty and lonesome


Keep smiling and stay shining,
Ashley Williams