Penny by Carol Restivo / mom

To my sweet lovable PENNY

I have your picture next to my bed and I can see the love in your eyes.I got you from the pound 4 years ago and you were loved and taken care of. You were so timid and and afraid of water and rain, and when I saw you in that ditched I cried knowing how you were afraid of water.

I don’t know how you got loose but I looked all day for you but something told me where you were and I found you but to late. I got you out of that ditched got you home and I knew how you hate to be cold so I put a blanket on you and all night long I was out there just praying it was all a dream and you come back.

I miss you so much, you wouldn’t even hurt a fly so who ever did this to you may you live in the pain I feel.

The worst part will be Christmas knowing how you love the color red.
I just wished there was a signed that you weren’t in pain.
You will always be with me.


Carol Restivo