Pheobe by Nikki / Nikki aka Mommy – your soul-mate

It all started when i was about 9 I guess. Well I came home from school and my mom had Pheobe outside waiting for me. In a Split Moment I knew we would be best friends. We always were together and she would never eat unless I was by her side.

In bed before we went to sleep we would play and fight. She would always bite someone if they hit me. I miss that so much. Honestly at first I thought when she ran away that one cold night she would come back. But I was the last to know..she had got shot. It was the hardest thing to deal with. 2 Years Later I’m Telling you and I still cry over her. I miss her so much. I felt like I had everything I ever needed when she was alive and now that is all gone.

I have that feeling no longer. I know she would want me to be happy but that’s really hard to do. I will always miss my best friend…my love…the one with the key to my heart. She will never be forgotten with her pictures with me every step of the way. Sometimes I still hear her howl to me at night while I lie in bed. Well…
I can’t write anymore ill get to upset.


I Love You Pheobe Girl ... Always With Love,