Phoebe by Stephanie / Steph & Brian

Almost Perfect

There was a pug named Phoebe
She was perfect in every way
Quick to learn obedience
On command she’d sit and stay.

She had her favorite toys
A rope she liked to tug
A chicky that squeaked, a cow that mooed
A big bear that she would hug.

She greeted every visitor
With kisses and wags of her tail
She loved to go outside and run
There was a boat on the pond where we’d sail.

Bones and pigs ears were her pleasure
Hours and hours she’d chew
She’d do anything for a treat
Dancing was the special trick she’d do.

She was a very loving companion
Before bed she’d give kisses and hugs
She was always by our sides
She was our perfect bright-eyed pug.

No sooner than we realized
What a special girl we had
The tides began to turn
Her condition and prognosis were bad.

One Saturday she had a seizure
Pug Dog Encephalitis was the cause
And when we found there was no cure
The whole family’s hearts paused.

We sent her to a special Vet
To try to restore her health
And she finally got to come back home
To have her home was worth all the wealth.

But they warned her health would fade
The PDE was not gone
The treatments were only temporary
But she was so happy to be home.

Our dreams of a long life with Phoebe —
That someday our family would grow
It would be Phoebe and our own kids
Is a reality we will not know.

She was a dog that we loved so much
For the wonderful things she’d do.
It was special because, just to look in her eyes
We knew that she loved us too.

The PDE was the only flaw
In our almost perfect pug
But loving her has changed our lives
We’ll never forget our perfect pug.


For our Angel,
17, Jan 2002