Phyllis by Holmes Family / Your friends: Heather, Buddy, Betsy, Charlie, Moe

Taken too soon

That day you arrived not even a year ago
I was there when you were born
From there I watched you grow

Blessed we are I cried to all your playmates there
My heart was filled with pride
As I held you up for them to stare

In the months to follow so many memories
I cling to these for it’s all I have left
Amidst this tragedy

Vacation week came to watch you, it was such fun
Making all the treats and food
And playing together outside in the sun

On the last day we shared I had been having a rough day
You greeted me with tail wagging
As if to say it was ok

You gave many dog kisses,licked my tear stained face
It brought me so much comfort
As I held you in my warm embrace

I told you soon you’d come with me
I was to take you home for a visit
We’d have some fun, with the old dog Chewy

As you were leaving the room I watched you go
To play outside with you friends
But how was I to know

That those precious minutes we had would be our last
You had made my day much better
Yet only a short time had passed

Then that call came in from loved ones, wanting to know
How you and your fellow dogs were doing
It was good, I told them so

Irony will have its way and then he came inside
To tell me of your passing
Tears flowed from my eyes

Outside I followed and ran to your side
Your small, fragile body
Lifeless it lied

I tried to revive you and wouldnt believe it was true
That this accidental impact while playing
Had instantly taken you

Cradling you in my arms, I rocked you so
Sweet puppy my heart is broken
I cannot let you go

I told you I was sorry,this should have never been
So many years feel stolen
I’d give anything to go back again

To those moments we shared before you were taken from us
No comfort to be found
I knelt in the dust

Carrying you inside with preparations to do
We worked hard for hours
Making a coffin for you

Lined with teddy bears,hearts,a pillow handmade
The feeling of grief
How heavy it weighed

Now to make you pretty like I used to before
How it hurt to know this was the last time
There is to be no more

I did so With lots of loving care
Your fellow dogs stood by watching
As I said a little prayer

Tied a black satin ribbon into a bow
Round where your collar had been
Now it is done, time to let you go

Remember the cookie treats we had earlier made
With your bone wrapped into a bundle
Next to you now they laid

Surrounded by your loved ones we said our goodbyes
Tucked in your favorite pink blanket
More tears shed from my eyes

That final hug and kiss is the hardest to do
Fare thee well faithful friend, we wont forget
All the good times spent with you

Then we laid you down to rest
Right by the big old stone
Such a great sadness, to leave you there alone

Flowers will be planted in your memory to bloom
They shall cover your grave
Like a warm blanket soon

Though Heaven called you home that day
In our hearts you will live on
For nothing can take memories away
Her gentle spirit never gone


In loving memory of baby Phyllis
28, Apr 2005
Holmes Family