Prancer Dancer by Marybeth E. Colyn / Your best friend

He has been with me ever since I was born.At first he was jealous of me because I was getting all the attention, but then he soon learned to love me.He was the best pet I have ever had. I know he loves me, and always will love me. Though he is in heaven now I know he is with me through better and worse.

I was watching tv when I heard a squeal. It was shortly after I had got home from school. I ran over to his bed and it looked like he was slowly falling to sleep. I called my mom over. She came fast. She held him in her arms. She said she could feel him dying.

Later, we went to the vet asking what it could have been.They said he was diaganoste with liver cancer. The next day we put him in a box and got our neighbor to dig a big hole. We placed the box in the hole. We were weeping with tears. there is now a cross over his grave.


I will love you always,
Prancer Dancer
Marybeth E. Colyn