Prince by Stacey / Stacey

I was not home when this accident occurred,
but when I called I had know, I had heard.
They told me the story, what had happened,
and how I had to say goodbye dear friend.
I cried instantly and all day.
I knew the only thing to do was pray.
When I got home I went and saw you,
and then I hugged you and I knew.
That you didn’t want me to be this sad,
and I thought about it, it’s not that bad.
I’ll see you once again it’s not to late.
We can meet in heaven’s gate.
You’ll be there waiting for me,
and one day there I’ll be
There with you once again,
happy with my friend.
I love you puppy. Don’t worry.
I’ll be there in a hurry.
Remember what I always sang for you,
and I always still do
I love coffee,
I love tea
I love the puppy,
and the puppy loves me.
Dear friend I miss you so alot.
I’m saving the love I got
All for you puppypoo;
just remember I love you.


With thought and love,
18, Dec 2004