Princess by Tanya / Mom, Trish, and Jonny

I was sitting at home one day when my front door opened and this little mat of fur came into my life. I was overwhelmed by this bundle of energy that literally pounced on me. My friend had rescued her from the dog pound as a gift for me and it was love at first sight. She looked like she had been through a nuclear war, but the way she came directly to me as if she knew that she was meant for me, made me blind
to her unpleasant odor 🙂

I gave her, what I believe to be, her very first haircut and bath, and from that day on, she was my little Princess. I had 2 small children (a girl of 3 and a boy of 2) when I got my Princess and she loved and protected them from the first day she entered our lives.

I will never have another dog like my Princess and
she will always be by “Da Puce”.


We Miss You, Da Puce,