Pumpkin by Karen Stone / Love, Mom & Dad

Our sweet Pumpkin, to start Pumpkin enjoyed life. She loved to go for walks, riding and fishing.
Pumpkin was always there for us through good times and bad times.
Pumpkin never asked for much, all she wanted was to be loved.

Pumpkin was there for my husband after he had surgery for cancer; she never left his side from the day he came home from the hospital. Pumpkin herself was fight for her life with cancer but never complained, for she had alot of compassion. Pumpkin loved her Daddy.

When my husband was told he could go back to work, Pumpkin lost her fight; she knew that her job was done and could rest now,
so our sweet Pumpkin left use and is at peace now.
We will never forget our Pumpkin and
all that she did for use in the time of need.

God bless our Sweet Pumpkin.


We Will love you forever,
Karen Stone