Queenie by Laura & Danny



November 1988 ----- August 28 2000

Calico Cat

To My Beloved Queenie

You left us too fast.

I cannot put you in the past.

We miss you more and more each day

But what else can I say.


You had to leave us for it was your time

Now close your eyes now and go to sleep.

We'll pray to the Lord your soul he'll keep.

We were here with you till the end.


Because you were more than just a friend.

You were our little girl from the beginning to the end,

Now with our broken hearts that will never mend,

Your memory will live on.

You'll always be our number one.

Have a safe journey to kitty heaven.



So with heavy hearts and tears in our eyes,

After all these years we must say goodbye.

Till we meet again.

Thank you for all the love you gave us as I did to you in return.

You were the best and will never be forgotten.

Love you always and forever-Mommy and Daddy


Laura & Danny Fudjinski







Laura & Danny