Rafar by The Beck Family / your family

The Italian Sonnet: RAFAR
A fluffy, furry, friendly friend is he.
His ears do flaunt a sprig of hair from each
Immac’late tip. And oh his fac: a peach!
How wondrous are his great, big eys to me.
His is a member of my family.
I know to me this cat would surely preach,
If he could only have the gift of speech.
And yes, he knows he is in charge, you see?

Come see my cat some day when you have time.
He’ll greet you with a stare, a purr, or kiss
Depending on his mood when you appear.
I must confess that cats are quite sublime.
To own one does give one a sense of bliss.
Unless his teeth or claw advance too near!

~Alex Beck May 1997

Rafar~ loved deeply, ate heartily, slept dreamily, purred strongly, and gave such joy. He loved nothing more than a pair of empty shoes to sleep on or to play with balls of paper.


We miss you,
14, Oct 2002
The Beck Family