Ralphie Rena Fraley by Nancy Fraley / Love,


Ralphie was the joy of our life. She went bye bye all the time; she was very protective with us, She had hurt herself(back) on our rod iron fence. Going underneath it to the otherside to do her business; taken her to my husband’s vet instead of the one she always had gone to due to it being closer. Well to make a long story short the vet wrongly treated her. We were treating her for her back and before I knew what was going on she passed away on3/12/10 @10:28. I feel like I should of did more; she did not eat or anything. I could of taken her to the vet she always went to. Why? Why? I could have her today. All I do is cry it’s my fault; she loved us so much. Always so happy to see us. It’s so lonely, nothing will ever take her place.


Missing you baby girl,
Ralphie Rena Fraley
Nancy Fraley