Riley by john and Joyce / mom


You entered our lives as a little guy with ears that dragged on the ground. I fell in love with you the minute you ran to me, and from that day on I was hooked. You brighten each day by your adorable beagle way, the stubboness, and the beautiful way you talked to me. You would always be close every time I would turn around and following me everywhere I went. You loved going to he store and riding around in the cart at the home center. You loved going in the car, even if it was to the vets. In the last few years of your life you fought to hard with but the disease finally won and the angles had to take you to heaven.

I miss you so very much as do your dad and fur-sister Sarah. You will always be in my heart .


all my love my sweet little guy,
13, Feb 2006
john and Joyce