Red by Charles / Daddy


You bounced into my life as a beautiful little six week old red bundle of love and energy. It was truly love at first sight the first time I saw you, and held you in my arms. You quickly grew into a handsome fellow, and became an integral part of the family. Although you were “my” dog, Dad loved you as much as I did it seems. You were the apple of his eye,
that’s for sure.

Years later, when Dad was sick with cancer, you were such an inspiration and great therapy for him. I remember us putting a picture of you in the room with him when he’d be in the hospital, and the joy he had telling everyone who came into the room about you. You were so patient and understanding, as if you knew what was happening through it all. And you were my source of strength
when Dad finally passed away.

I remember all the good times I was fortunate enough to enjoy with you as if they were yesterday. All the romps in the park, the games of fetch, and your favorite, “keep away”. Time marches on, and before I realized it, you were becoming older, and maybe a little slower. You were so handsome when
your face began getting gray.

I remember cuddling with you on those cold nights, and those brisk walks first thing in the morning. I remember how you accepted Oopsie into your life, and shared with and taught him, and was never jealous when another Irish Setter came to join us. You were so patient and gentle, especially with Oopsie when
he wanted to play so puppylike.

After all these years, I still miss you Red, you were my first Irish, and will always have a very special place within my heart. I’d have done anything if I could’ve prevented the pancreatitis that claimed your life, but you will live on forever in my memory.

May the shamrocks fall softly, my sweet boy.
I love you, and
I know we’ll be together again one day.

Red, you were truly
“the wind beneath my wings”.


Still Missing You,