Rocket by Cathy Jones / Your Mommy

The first time that I saw you
You were not even mine.
I was just supposed to feed you
And make sure that you were fine.

But keeping you for four straight months
Was enough for me to know
That if I had to give you up
I could not let you go.

So when your owners came back home
And offered you to me
I knew my prayers were answered
For you and I were meant to be.

You were just a little kitten
So feisty, small and sweet
And like a hunter you would pounce
Upon my sleeping feet.

You used to get upset with me
When I would go on trips
When I’d get home, you’d bite me
And they weren’t just little nips.

Oh how you loved to nuzzle me
As most kitty’s like to do
But none could ever take your place
Or be as sweet as you.

You were an independent kitty
And I know you knew your name
But I always felt so lucky
When I called you and you came.

I’d call your name, you’d turn around
And look back as if to say
I don’t have time to come just now
For it’s a very busy day.

When I’d walk by you’d see me
And would jump up on the bed
Oh how you loved to stretch up high
So we could touch our heads.

I never had a human child
But God gave you to me
And all the love I felt was there
For all the world to see.

For 22 years I loved you
And you made me feel your love
And for all our time together
I thank the Lord above.

I watched you grow so very weak
And could not bear to leave you
And I’m thankful for the boss that knew
And let me stay here with you.

I knew the time was growing near
And prayed to God on high
To take you peacefully to heaven
Whenever your time was nigh.

You seemed to grow much stronger
As I held you close to me
Yet God was ready for you
And he came to set you free.

I loved you so with all my heart
I can not bear the pain
Of living life without you
Till I see you once again.

You couldn’t stay forever
Though I didn’t want to let you go
For now my heart is broken
Will it heal? I just don’t know.

Yet somehow I know I must go on
Without my Rocket man
Please wait for me at heaven’s gate
I’ll be there when I can.

For God loves little kitty’s
And he has a place for you
And we will be together
When I am called home too.


With all my love,
19, July 2006
Cathy Jones