Roger by Dana Goodier / Ta maman

Roger was a female cat I got in Quebec in 2000. I was told she was 12 when I got her, but when I took her to the vet, I found out she was born in 1984. I was surprised she was already 16 because she was very active. She was only an indoor cat, but had occasional “sprints” around the apartment, but mostly liked to “perch and stare”… Whenever anybody sat down, she immediately sprang up on their lap, especially on men! She was very affectionate, and slept
under the covers in bed with me.

I took her with me in the car for 4 days when I moved to Colorado in 2002, with friends to help me “drowzle” her w/ water & keep her hydrated. She didn`t complain about the uncomfortable ride in the car. Nor did she complain when I put her in a carrier and took her on the plane with me to France and then Norway last year for 7 months. Yes, Roger had been in more countries than many Americans, but I don`t think she noticed, she was happy to have me by her side and easily adapted to each new place. She would always nap on the sofa, in the window sill or on my bed. She would always greet me
when I came home or got up.

This summer I`m gone for 6 weeks and left her with a friend. I was not there when she got sick from acute liver failure and didn`t eat for 5 days before the sad decision was made. I tried to treat her, but she was too weak and frail. It`s heart-breaking that a cat who, even old, weeks before was running up and down stairs and didn`t show any signs to sickness. So this is abrupt and hard when I will not be back until 3 weeks from now to pick up her ashes. I will always remember her even tho I plan on getting a new cat. I didn`t have her her whole life, but the last years she had were spent happy in loving care. All my friends and family in other cities and countries had the chance to meet her
when she traveled with me.

I end this day of her passing in bittersweet memory of what made me laugh by her actions, and what was typical about the little girl Roger.
Je t`aime.


Je t`aimais au tant ma BEEEELLLLLE,
Dana Goodier