Rolo by Danielle / Mommy

I remember when I first got you, we were driving to my nan’s house but couldn’t go the normal way due to the fact that the road was closed.

I saw a sign saying kittens for sale and I begged my parents to get one. We already had a cat but she was really old and was ill, she died not long after you turned one after being put down by the vet.

We stopped that day and found you sat apart from your brothers and sisters, you were sat by yourself not wanting to play with them. I chose you as you were the most cuteset kitten I had seen and knew that you would get on with Millie as you weren’t that boysteress and wouldn’t annoy her. (we didn’t want to put her under too much stress). When we got you home yeah you were scared of her but she was scared
of you as well.

Then not long after you were allowed to go out a terrible accident happened you got run over by a car and had to have your tail off. But you survived my strong little cat.

Then six years later we got a dog, and yeah she was mean to you and would chase you and pin you down but even though you were old you were brave a gave one of a fight back when she did get you. She loved playing with you and loved you like you did her. She missed you so much when you had gone she would spend a hour looking for you everywhere she didn’t understand that you had gone and weren’t coming back.

When I got the phone call from my parents telling me that you had died I cried I thought you were going to live forever; you seemed so healthy when I saw you a couple of days before; it felt like you had waited for me to come home again and see you before you actually died as I told mum you were acting funny. You kept trying to get onto my lap and wouldn’t leave my side and that’s not like you. You were never the touchy cat; you loved to be on your own and left there quite happy.

Even though I cried I also laughed at how you died. I know people reading this if they do may find laughing at you dying strange or even a horrible thing to do, but you always amazed me at how many homes you had; how many beds and how many meals you could get in one day, but dying in someone else’s cuboard tops it all rolo; it was always like you to have 7 homes and I kinda knew that you would never die in our house. You would in someone else’s house and I was right.

You died in the night in our next door neighbour’s cuboard with her 2 cats who led their owners to you the next morning. This makes me feel that I could let you go knowing that you weren’t by yourself and that you died peacefully.

I will always love you and never forget you. I have a picture of you sittin in your plant pot in my room and it will always make me smile thinking of you sat in it in the sun teasing Elle like mad as she couldn’t get to you and knew that!


Love you forever, You are always here with me,