Rosie by Cheryl Wittler (and Ellen and Emily) / The family

All the time I was growing up, I wanted a little, hairy dog to sleep in my bed and eat canned food. Mom wan’t too keen on pets, and Dad only allowed larger, outdoor dogs. He told me that once I got married I could have all the little, hairy, bed-sleeping, canned food eating dogs I wanted. Within three months of marriage, I did just that!

Rosie was the dream girl I always wished for as a child. I miss her presence in my life, no matter how much time has passed since her death. There aren’t enough words to express my love for her. Without Rosie, we feel a little lost.

Still, the grief felt now is well worth the joy she gave us. Thanks girl, and I’m keeping Alf for you.


Rosie, You're One-In-A-Million and Loved and Missed!
Cheryl Wittler (and Ellen and Emily)