March 1988 —- Feb. 29 2000


The sun was low in the west an the sun light slanted across the yard,

so that the smallest rise or depression threw long obvious shadows.

Marks that stood below the soil and rock or might even been above it

showed the clear plan of a life all long banished. I forgot the

distractions of the present and for an hour until the light faded

stared down at the fading hurrying cinema on a past life experience.

Here a wide path had run from south to north.(where? why?)

Here a slight depression (a place to rest?) there a hole (a place to explore?)

there another hole (did that place hide something?) there a crossroads

in the emptiness and what was that thin path a single mark only

running into nowhere?

Darkness came and took back the past.

Tomorrow is another day and more memories.

I love you Roxie.