Roxy by Donnie Miller / Donnie

My Beautiful Girl Roxy,

I sit here holding her choker,
Wishing I could spend one more day with her.
Today it is October seventeenth two-thousand three.
God, I miss her so much, can’t you see?
So why did you do this to me?

She was a beautiful dog, my best friend.
I stayed by her side until the very end.
I loved her so much, more than anything.
I’d give up so much to hear you sing.

I sit here in my computer chair crying.
I stare at your empty bed, my heart is dying.
No one can look at the backyard the same.
This house feels so empty without me calling your name.

Never before have I been able to write like this.
All thanks to that one sweet, final kiss.
I think what if things were different.
You were the best dog ever, now God has sent.

I rubbed you with my shirt, now your scent is on it.
Just like your hair, and love, sweet like a mint.
Those empty dishes on the floor, I keep wishing.
No blinds a moving, no more loud slurping,
But the days I spent with you were the best.
I keep hoping we were all sleeping, just a rest.

I want to hear your chain jingle through the house.
You were so gentle, equivalent to a mouse.
Those blizzards we spent together, the thunderstorm.
Now we are all left to mourn.

I have no one to cuddle with at night,
Or the smooth fur, without you it doesn’t seem right.
To remember you the choker has not left my hand.
Your presence forever left on the land.

Your ball and rope remain with me to remember you girl.
I cry so much I’m going to probably hurl.
I love you so much, I as well as everyone
will miss you dearly.
Now you are with God, someday you will reunite with me.

I will always have the image of you going down in my brain.
Like I used to dry your feet when it would rain.
I will not let this choker leave my grip today.
I wish it did not end this way.

No one can take your place, you will always be loved.
Goodbye to you…my beautiful girl Roxy….

October 17, 2003
5:09 p.m. in the computer chair I used to massage you in, love ya!


Love Ya' Roxy Girl,
17, Oct 2003
Donnie Miller