Rusty Smith by Lucy

To our Rusty our baby boy we will be waiting to see you again; to hold in our arms; to love once more our sweet little bundle of joy. You made sure I was safe all day and all night under my feet or in my arms. You were my baby and never caused me harm. You were so sweet and gentle. All of the time you would bark at the wind or just if you had the time. You were my best friend every day you were here. I miss you so much. You were so dear to me and daddy. We will always care for our little Rusty. We shed our tears in sorrow for you this day until I can hold you once again in mommy’s arms. To brush your hair; to fill your warmth; to fill your kisses; to hear your bark. I’ll will be waiting till that day so god keep you safe in heaven and mommy and daddy will be on there way.

We love you

Jeffery Effery ———–Ruddy Duddy ——Rusty–baby boy of ours in our hearts and in our minds always.



Rusty Smith
27, Oct 2000