Sable by Mark Wayne Gregory

My dearest little Miss Sable,
What a wonderful little bundle of a birthday surprise you were to me when I found you in the sleet and snow as a baby kitty over 15 years ago.

In your baby “mews” you said “I need you!” You and I have had quite a journey together since then my little one. The unconditional love and companionship you have given me will live on and on in my heart until the day the Lord reunites me with you once more.

You are my friend companion confidant and eternal comfort. Everyone who has had the pleasure of your soft fur and loving little nose nudges knows what a loving and affectionate little kittykat you were.

In my worst of times of emotional pain and physical illness Miss Sable you were my solace and my savior and listened and purred to make me well again. You and I are quite a pair so full of love. The abundance of love and happiness
you have shown these past years to all you have touched is so very appreciated and God has truly Blessed me when
He brought our life paths together.

Your ability to make me laugh
at your little antics everyday made you so special. Blessed with intelligence as well as to seemingly reason and satisfy your abundant curiosity always made for an interesting observation by all and to brag about
to all my friends and family.

I know in these last few months your little body was beginning to tire and you were unable to run to the door to welcome me home but when I came to your little day bed you willingly hopped up to purr and give me your little
“nosey kiss”.

I never knew unconditional love until your precious soul wondered into my life and I thank God Almighty for the gift He has given me in my time here on Earth with you my little Miss Sable.

Of all the great fortune Our Lord has bestowed and blessed upon me you are my most valuable and priceless asset. I would trade it all to have you here now. The grief of your passing is unbearable

Well little kitty now comes your reward honey. An Eternal peace and serenity that we mere mortals left here on this world can’t even begin to comprehend. My faith tells me so.

I look forward to the day You will come be-bopping with that little wiggly kittytail of yours to greet me home once more when God will reunite us oh little precious one.

God Bless your spirit Sable!
Your daddy loves you so very much and
you will always have my undying love
in my heart forever!

Love Forever,

Daddy {Markwayne}


Mark Wayne Gregory