Sadie by Betty / Mommy

The Human Society never know how old Sadie was, they just reported she had been abused, that was easy to see- she was afraid of everything back than. Once she got home she made it a point to try and push me away, but I wouldn’t have that I loved her and it didn’t matter that she ate the couch to the point of having to put it in the trash, when I kept her after that she ate my mattress- almost the whole thing- no matter she was my baby and I was going to keep her- after the bed she decided to start doing her duty in the house- no matter I loved her anyway- I would tell people she had issues and she needed to know that no matter what I would love her, and I would never get rid of her.
After three years she was the queen of the house, totally in charge- at night time she would head to my bed and snuggle with me under the covers all 71.5 pounds of her- she loved me so much she changed from a lover to a protector, no matter what I did I couldn’t get her to understand that I was there to protect her, not the other way around. On May 31st something happened she went right through the door and attached the neighbors dog, she hurt him, and our neighbor- I couldn’t save her this time my baby girl had to be put down- I held her while the vet did his job- I continue to cry every night for my baby girl- my bed and my heart are empty.
I pray that Sadie waits for me over the rainbow bridge, someday I will keep her warm again, and she will protect me as she always did. Rest in peace my baby girl – I love you.


Love you with all my Heart Baby Girl