Sampson by Laura Bergman / Mommy

I first got Sampson when he was just a baby. He was just 8 weeks old and he was so tiny. From the moment I brought him home, he loved to play. He chased me down the hall way and I would chase him. His favorite thing to do was to take the insoles out of our shoes and hide them under the dresser. He hated being in his cage when we were not home. Sometimes I would come home from work and he would have broken out of his cage and be running around the living room. He loved to try and break out of his cage. He figured out how to shake the door just right with his mouth so it would fall open.
When we decided to go on vacation I asked my roommate to watch little Sampson while we were gone. I knew he would be fine. We were gone for about a week and the night before we came home our roommate called. He said he had let Sampson out and he got into the garbage. He told us he got dirty so he decided to give little Sam a bath. He placed him in the bathtub and turned on the water. He said he walked out of the room to get a towel and he came back and Sampson was struggling to get out of the tub, and he noticed steam coming from the tub. He said he grabbed him out and the water was very hot. He said he burned him. I did not think it was that bad because he said
his little feet were just swollen.

When we got home the next day I came into the room and Sampson was not in his cage, he was on the floor under a towel. I looked at him and his poor feet has no hair and they were swollen and it just looked awful. I called the ER vet immediately. Poor little Sam was shaking and he could hardly open his eyes. We took him to the ER and they gave me some pain meds for him and said I needed to take him to the regular vet. They said his burns looked pretty bad.

After many visits to the vet and the burns just getting worse. The vet tried a spacial cream and tried changing dressings on his legs daily. She even got a second opinion from a specialist. The vet said he was not getting any better. They vet had to put him under anesthesia to put dressings on his two back lets and feet. He could not handle the pain with out being under Anesthesia. his temperature kept rising by the days, and they vet said his legs were not going to heal. She said if it was her ferret she would not put him through this pain anymore.

So, the very painful day came, we took his temperature at the vet and it was 106. This was very high. Also she put him under general anesthesia so we could make the final discussion by seeing his legs. She unwrapped his legs and they did not look good. and she said the skin was in danger of getting gang green. So we decided to take his pain away. I gave my little baby a kiss and held his little paw one last time. and then I heard the pulse Oximeter go quiet. I have never cried so hard and I have never missed something so much. It will take me a long time to get through this. I will never forget him. My little Sampson


Always watching over me,
Laura Bergman