Sandy by Susan,Manny,Celina,Lauren / Susan, Manny, Celina, Lauren, Dubby

So you’ve gone
You have gained the wisdom
And you have gained thy flight.
Our friend always at the door
The one who seemed to listen
But could not respond.
To my companion
On my long walks through the park
You were my protector.
You were my confidence
Only you could see no fault.
I only wish I could have said good-bye.
Alas, I am so far from home.
How I miss that cool breeze of autumn
While you sat beside me on the front porch
So now my home coming will be a sad one
For I won’t have my Sandy waiting for me.
The only one who did not forget
The moment you saw me again
You knew exactly who was home
And I knew where home was.
Thank You for being our pet
and my beautiful friend
We shalt meet again
~In loving memory of our dog Sandy.


With loving memories,
29, June 2005