Sandy Carter by Jim and Marlene Carter / Mama & Jim

Sandy Carter
Beloved pet of Jim & Marlene Carter
June 14, 1989 – Setember 3, 2002
She lived a great life with us and she gave us many hours of
joy, pleasure and happiness.
She loved and was loved dearly. She is sadly missed.

She arrived wrapped in fur and was laid on my knee
Our bundle of love – we named her Sandy.
We taught her well and loved her much
Her warmth and softness we loved to touch.
Some will say dogs don’t really smile
But we know she did, after a while.
Her upturned nose and perky ears
Brought joy and laughter through the years.
Our wish for Sandy is she may run and play,
She went to Heaven and left us today.
In our memories she’ll always be near
Our hearts are sad, she was so dear.
We love you Sandy and miss you so.
God called – it was her time to go.

Written by Linda Hineline, a family friend.


I will always love you, Sandy!
Sandy Carter
3, Sep 2002
Jim and Marlene Carter