Sasha Norman by Paulette Norman / mama and papa

I will never forget my precious Sasha. I named her doo doo bear sash as her nickname.She was so smart.My husband Robert taught her how to say mama and also later on taught her how to say Mama I want it. Sasha was a toy poodle. She was a beautiful apricot color.

She came into our lives in Feb of 1994. She brought the family so much pleasure and loads of laughter at the funny things she would do. She would come out of the room after pigging out and my husband would start to sing “Well if you’re happy and you know it bang your head”, she would do the motion of banging her head each time, right on que.

We lost our beloved Sasha on April 10th, 2004. We were all at her side. She had a massive coronary(heart attack). I never or should I say I dreaded for this day to come. She had been ill for sometime now. I guess I was the one being selfish by not getting her put to sleep. I kept hoping and praying she was going to get better, all the while she was suffering.

She always showed us so much love. Sometimes I would just be gone to the mail box to check the mail and when I would come back in, you would swear she had not seen me in a week. We have one of her puppies that is 9 years old and her name is Dakota. We will never ever ever forget our beloved Sasha, she is gone but will never be forgotten.

We love you doo doo bear, with all our hearts. Please wait for mama, I will be with you someday soon.I cannot believe you are gone, I feel so empty without you. Dakota and the cat mittens miss you too.

Loving you always,
Paulette, Robert, Eric, Krista, Braden, Bryan, Julie, Alex,
Kara, Dakota and Mittens.
We know you are with the Lord Jesus, and that your suffering is now over.


Loving and missing you always,
Sasha Norman
Paulette Norman