Sassy by John and Elaine / Mommy

If tears could build a stairway,
and memories a lane,
I’d walk right up to heaven,
and bring you home again.

They say memories are golden,
Well maybe that is true,
I never wanted memories,
I only wanted you.

My precious angel Sassy, I miss you so. Part of me went with you. How do I live without you? I feel as if my heart is broken and will be forever.

Daddy, Sissy and Spunky miss you so much. Markie (willieB) and I cry for you daily. The house and everything in it is empty without you. Rest well with God and the angels, my darling until we meet again. Oh, my darling how I miss your kisses, going on rides with you, hearing your squeals of happiness when I came back from being out, how you jumped into my arms although you could not see since January this year, you always knew where you were going and where I was. How smart you were when I taught you phrases to help you and how quickly you caught on.
I miss your little body next to mine at night. I miss holding and petting you and talking to you.

I miss your bantering with Spunky and Sissy and I know they must miss this,too. You were my best friend, my protector. When I held you, you would not let anyone else come close to me or take you away from me.
I miss everything about you. We had an indescribable bond you and I. How you loved to ride in the car, eat ice cream, sleep under the covers close by my side. You had beautiful colored fur and a beautiful face.

I cannot believe you are gone. I kiss your pictures every morning and tell you good morning, I miss carrying you down the stairs, taking you outside, and at night I again kiss your picture goodnight, but I don’t get
your wet kiss in return. I miss rubbing your tummy and when I would stop, you would grab my hand and nibble on my fingers until I did it some more. Oh, dear God how do I ever live without you! I love and miss you so, Mommy.


I will always love and miss you my darling,
26, Sep 2003
John and Elaine