Scooter by Kathy Barr / Kathy and Sherman

In October I got my first Bassett, his name is Sherman Clump. Two months ago we acquired his Brother Scooter. Scooter was a big baby when we got him. He had been kept in cage with other dogs and kind of coward down. He started coming out of that and playing with Sherman and it was the most beautiful sight. Sherman was
the leader and Scooter the follower.

A young girl ran over him, and it broke his neck. We only had him a short time but he touched our hearts in so many ways. Where you saw one you saw the other. Sherman is sad, he can’t figure out where his brother is. HE sniffed and hunted all evening for Scooter and he just looks at me with those big ol’ eyes as if to say, Where is he? I think deep down he knows as he is not being playful, just lying around. I miss you Scooter, and I will always love you, you touched our lives in a special way. I would do anything to bring you back home.

Sleep well my sweet one, and we will meet again someday. Until then I will think of you each day. I will miss you laying at my feet and letting me scratch you. Sherman will continue to search for you I’m sure. Bless your sweet ol’ heart. I love you Scooter! Good Bye my beautiful baby. Kathy


With all my love,
Kathy Barr