Scruffy by Ann Stanton / Your Mommy

Scruffy came to us as an abandoned kitten at 3 weeks old, with her 2 sisters. We bottle fed them until they could eat on their own. They did well and we fell in love with them. By the time we found out they all tested FeLV positive, we decided to keep them since they were all healthy kittens. Scruffy’s 2 sisters both died of FeLV problems within their first year but Scruffy did so well that we felt possibly she had overcome the disease.

Scruffy loved to play fetch with paper balls, and looked forward to our daily walks on a leash and to sit outside in her cat pen. She also loved to rub her face against mine and would give me what I called little angel kisses. Sometimes on a clear night, I would hold her outside and we would look up at the stars in the heavens and dream of how good life is.

She had her first episode of some beginning problems in June 2003 but after being on meds, she seemed to be better. Then in November 2003, she became quite ill and had numerous vet visits and various medications, but nothing helped for long. I could not watch her suffer anymore, so she went to the Rainbow Bridge on Nov 25. I still miss her so much and her Angel Kisses. I have 5 other cats and love them but none will ever replace my Scruffy.


Love you always,
Ann Stanton