Selvi by Mum Del, Dad Jimi, Sis Murni & Sis Liz / Sis Murni, Sis Liz, Mum Del & Dad Jimi

Something happened last night I have no clue of. My doe bunny gave birth to 6 babies about 2 weeks ago. And yesterday morning I picked 1 of the babies with his hind legs motionless. Everyone of them was so healthy the day before. And I have no clue what had happened to Selvi (my daughter named her) its so heartbroken. She just passed away in front of our eyes. We’re so heartbroken. My daughters crying now.

We love you, Selvi. You’re always in our hearts and mind…

10th April 2004


With Love,
Mum Del, Dad Jimi, Sis Murni & Sis Liz