Shadow by Mila Young / Mila

Shadow, The moment I saw you,
I know you were getting torn up by five coyotes.
Good thing my grandma shooed them away,
or else you wouldent’ve had those wonderful
seven years with us making our lives go
through easier and your’s.
We found you and you were old.
We took you home and you were fine.
Me and my family loved you but we thought
the right thing to do was put signs up.
No one called.
I started trying to figure out names, “Shadow!” I said.
Everyone agreed.
You and our other dog, Pup got along fine,
but then when you turned about 17 years old,
and died of old age.
Now Pup is about say, 18, or 19, and
we both still miss you.
But you are in the desert barried right outside our gate.

We have 3 other dogs now including Pup.

I miss you very, very much.


I love you very very much,
Mila Young